Porcelain Jasper Sterling Silver Jewelry

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This Porcelain Jasper is a mix of Purples,Pinks, Grays & Whites.

Porcelain Jasper is known as a stone for gentleness and relaxation.  It offers emotional protection when dealing with difficult and sensitive issues. it has a calming and nurturing energy that promotes feelings of stability, safety and security.

The necklace stone is 26mm X 32mm and is on a 24" chain.  You can wear it shorter by clasping at any link on the chain.

This pair of earrings are a great match, the stones are 17mm X 27mm ~ the total length of the earring is 3".

The Ring is  size 7.5 ~ The Stone is 23mm X 16mm ~ The band is 5mm wide X 1.6mm thick.

You can purchase the whole set with a 10% discount, or buy any piece individually.

I do have more Porcelain Jasper stones available, if you need a different size ring.

Just email for more information.